C E L E S T I A L     A U D I O


  Your  treasured  vinyl  LPs,  rare recordings  or performances on cassette or open reel tape can be transferred  to compact disc.

  LP discs in at least moderate condition can come up sounding very well.  Most scratches, clicks and pops can be removed and the surface noise reduced to present a very agreeable listening experience.

Getting the recording into that condition takes time.
Processing time usually is about triple the playing time of the disc.  Celestial  Audio attempts to get the very best transfer possible and carefully monitors each stage of the transfer process.  Your compact disc version will usually sound superior to the source recording.


  Cost  will depend upon the playing time of the disc
and  the amount of  processing  required.  Originals that are noisy and in poor condition obviously will take much more work to get them into a presentable state.  Programs compiled from various sources also will take longer to prepare.

 As a general guide, a CD compiled from good originals will cost between
$70 - $90.    Difficult material that requires detailed attention attracts an hourly rate of  $35/hour.        Extra copies are given at a minimal charge.
Finished CDs are fully tracked, presented with printed labels and a reconstruction of the original cover design.   Your new CD is a  "one-off".    It's a rarity!


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