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  The information that you provide is strictly confidential.
  It will not be revealed, disclosed or passed on to any third parties.
  In short, you can have total confidence in dealing with


The product offered here is fully guaranteed to be replaced  if defective.

Defective products:
Very occasionally a defective product slips through.
If you receive a disc that skips,  locks up,  doesn't play,  or is blank,  please let me know within 3 weeks of receiving your order.

There is however, no guarantee that these discs 
will play successfully in every CD player    Indeed, some players may have varying degrees of difficulty.             Most successful are  CD players that are specifically designed to be responsive to CDR discs as are many late model DVD players.

All  CD players are not equal when it comes to playing  CDR discs.  And it has nothing to do with how expensive the player was!   My first generation  Kenwood player will play just about every disc,  while the much later Marantz is absurdly inconsistent.
The most common problem is a misreading of the track information.  Pressing the SKIP button on the remote to advance to the next track will sometimes send the laser back to the beginning.   Pressing the actual button numbers on the deck often is a fix.      Re-inserting the disc sometimes clears things up.
As  DVD-R  users have discovered there is no such thing as total compatibility.

If you experience any difficulties with CDR discs,  you must determine whether it is a disc fault or some form of media incompatiblity.
If a CD malfunctions  in your system,  please try the disc(s) in   another  system  
to make sure it is not a difficulty with your unit.
If the disc does not play in a second system,  or the "problem" is repeated, please advise me by email or letter,  explaining the problem and  where on the disc it is most obvious.     I  may ask you to return the disc(s).

If the disc does not work in my system, it will be replaced free of charge and your return postage will be credited towards your next purchase.

If the disc does play without fault in my system, and passes all integrity tests, then I can only offer a credit (less 25% restocking charge) towards a different purchase. Therefore,  if inexperienced with CDR discs,  it is a good idea to first order only one set.  If that plays without any problems, then you can be reasonably confident that others will too.  My discs are dubbed at a low speed and on quality media.


Celestial  Audio  welcomes  offers of collector exchange from past and present customers.
This is limited to a maximum of four titles at a time.
It is anticipated that recordings offered in exchange will be of a quality  similar
to that of Celestial  Audio editions.  
Recordings with irrepairable broadcast or transfer damage are not acceptable.
On receipt of an offered list, I will let you  know  which titles are of interest and ask about the source of the recordings, as this information is often highly significant in determining the possible quality of the edition and whether it might be different from what I have.  I am always in search of "the better copy" and many collectors have generously made theirs available.
Recordings that have been heavily filtered, robbing them of most of the life and ambiance in the sound are also not acceptable.  Where possible, I prefer the raw sound of the recording straight off the tape.

Please note that items on the  New Releases  page are not available for trading.