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June  Bronhill

Steve Cutler has presented an affectionate tribute to June Bronhill in this website.  It includes photos, a sound clip and other personal memories of a unique Australian artiste.


At one time, OPERA RARA  performances were the source of many an underground recording.  They followed up their performance success with making their own recordings to wide acclaim and offer many live performances on commercial labels at the OPERA DIRECT website:


In the 1970s when I stumbled upon the operatic underground, two names stood out.  Mr Tape  and  Live Opera.  Charlie Handelman at Live Opera has a vast archive of live performances available on cassette and a growing collection of material on CD  including many excellent Australian recordings.

Live  Opera

Visiting New York?    This store should be first stop for the serious collector.  Rummage around and you'll be sure to find a treasure or two!   Check the address and phone number at:

CDR- Info

Interested in  CDR  technology and want to know more about hardware and software?  Visit this extremely useful site at:

   Tom Kaufman

This is an interesting personal site for the opera lover and has many useful links to other services:

   Reference Center

Rather commercial but still an interesting site, especially for anyone just starting out on the adventure of discovering the great singers.

Background on a mezzo-soprano who has risen
very rapidly through the ranks.  

Australian, former mezzo-soprano, now dramatic soprano based in Germany.    An impressive singer.


Marion maintains a site devoted to Carreras which is well worth a visit.


House Site of the Metropolitan Opera New York and extremely informative about past and present productions. Its performances are relayed by many Internet Radio stations.

House Site of the Chicago Lyric Opera with full details of its season.
Performances are relayed on the Internet by  WFMT  98.7FM

All sorts of interesting and fascinating sites can be discovered from these pages.

A similar site to the above.  Check it out.

This is OPERA-SELL! 
Opera traded here!

For people who are heavily into producing their own CD collections, this forum provides a base to make contact with like-minded others.
In searching for particular performances or just information about a recording or a singer, you will make contact with some very friendly and helpful people from across the globe.
"This mailing list is dedicated to those who wish to trade, buy or sell opera related items. These items include, but are not limited to, records, compact discs, programs, magazines, photos, video tapes, autographs, books, scores, sheet music, and related items."

Advice notices about new releases from Celestial Audio can be found at Opera-Sell.

World  Time  Server
Very  useful when listening to Internet radio.
Just what is the time in Switzerland ?

Currency  Conversion
Just what is my order going to cost in my money, you think.
Use this site for up-to-date currency conversion.