W H A T ' S       N E W  ?      September  2014

CELEBRATING   MARIELLA  DEVIA   -   Italy's  Queen of Bel Canto

At a stage in her career when many singers have retired honorably, Miss Devia returned to New York for a concert performance of Roberto Devereux at Carnegie Hall.  The audience and critics responded with enthusiasm and you can hear it all in this superb recording.


CA1654  2CD  stereo

Twenty years earlier, Mariella Devia was partnered by Jennifer Larmore for an equally memorable event.


CA1663  2CD  stereo


CA1408  2CD  stereo


Milan  2002

CA1459  2CD  stereo


Barcelona  2013

CA1540  2CD  stereo

Amsterdam  1995

CA1524  2CD  stereo


CA1657  2CD  stereo



CA1671  2CD stereo

Rome   1990



Paris  1999

CA978  2CD stereo

CA1454  2CD  stereo



CA1525   2CD  stereo

Utrecht   2011


CA1529   3CD  stereo


Buenos Aires  1964

CA1536  3CD   mono


London   1977

CA1547  2CD  stereo


Ingolstadt   2013

CA1561  3CD  stereo

Beaune   2013


CA1577  2CD  stereo


Amsterdam   1973

CA1658  3CD  stereo

   CA1659  4CD  stereo

CA1661  2CD  stereo

New York   1994


CA1667   2CD  stereo

London  2014

CA1668   2CD  stereo

San Francisco  2013


   CA1572  4CD  stereo

CA1436  3CD stereo

Paris,  2009


 CA1438  2CD  stereo

Seville  1998